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The SBARD technique provides a standardised framework for escalation and tracking. The form clearly shows what key information will be communicated about a resident’s condition and what immediate attention and action is required. It is important to record all your actions and all your critical conversations on the care you have provided.

The form is a standard form and is also part of the RESTORE2 system.

S stands for Situation. Here you briefly describe the current situation and give a clear, concise overview of relevant issues.  Provide the address, direct line contact number, say who you are and if you are a registered professional.  Be clear about who you are calling about, the name and date of birth of the resident.  State what the resident's TOTAL NEWS SCORE is and state what your concerns are and state the clinical observations.

B stands for Background.  Briefly state the relevant history and what got you to this point. State what medical conditions they have, details of the agreed care plan, DNACPR and the medications they are on.

A stands for Assessment.  Here you state a summary of the facts and give your best assessment on what is happening. Then state what you have done, for example, what medications have you given, are they sat down or laying down or state if you are not sure what the problem is but the resident is deteriorating OR you can just write “I don’t know what’s wrong but I am really worried”

R stands for Recommendation.  What actions are you asking for? What do you want to happen next? I need you to… Come and see the resident in the next however many hours AND Is there anything I need to do in the meantime? (e.g. repeat observations, give analgesia, escalate to emergency services)

And finally, D stands for Decision. What have you agreed?  You may add things here things like the fact that you have agreed you monitor them every 15 minutes and that if there is no improvement within 2 hours that you will take further action.

We have put an SBARD document in the course download area.  Have a look at it and think about how you can effectively use it to escalate the care you provide and correctly document it.