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We are now going to look at how to actually test a urine sample. There are two typical types of test kit you will have. This is the most common one which has 10 different test structures. And this one is a single pot that you put urine in and it will indicate directly what the conditions there are. This particular one here is for drugs, but you can get different single pot tests available. So what we are going to do now is have a look at the multi-test one. This is the most common one you are gonna be involved with. You take your urine sample, it does not need to be a large urine sample. Pour it into a pot like this, or other types of pot are available. Undo the lid, and if you just pull out one of the sticks and then you dip that into the urine. You need to look at the instructions clearly because you need to know how long that needs to be in the urine for. Because some of them won't react unless a certain amount of time has passed.

Once you have done that, then on this side you will see the actual thing you are testing for, and each one of these little strips indicates the colour, so you can literally just hold that against the bottle so you can see what level that particular test is. So in this example here, you can just follow it against each of the different tests. The important thing with this is obviously it has got traces of urine on it so you will need to be wearing gloves, and also try and avoid touching the stick onto the bottle. Because then, again, you are potentially transferring infection across. So you just need to hold it across and just see which colour represents. And underneath here, you will see what the actual figure is. Once you have finished with that, you put this lid back on to the pot. And this will be disposed of in the clinical waste. Once you have disposed of it, obviously you make sure you take your gloves off, dispose of those, and wash your hands thoroughly.